ASIAGRAPH has a vision to encourage cross-border exchange between outstanding CG artists to nurture and promote, new creations and industry in Asia. ASIAGRAPH which established in 2004, is a joint event of culture, science, art and exhibition where Asian researchers and creators gather together to present their works.

Year 2012, awards from Reallusion are included, which reflects the growing worldwide use of iClone and CrazyTalk Animator.
ASIAGRAPH invites CG artists from all Asian Countries to join the exhibition, and it also invites international CG-related academics to join the conference in Japan.

ASIAGRAPH will pick several CG works created by Japanese domestic colleges to join the exhibition so that people have different views of CG ART. Before the exhibition, ASIAGRAPH will collect all entries so that CG artists have a better chance to expose themselves in the exhibition.

ASIAGRAPH Reallusion Award 2012

The ASIAGRAPH Reallusion Award 2012 is one of the activities of ASIAGRPAH.  Contestants submitting high-quality entries will be awarded with bonuses and prizes.

The top winning entries will be sent to the Final Round to participate in ASAGRAPH, together with national and regional competitors from Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

ASIAGRAPH assigned judges will select 3 winning entries, along with addional category winners, to be merited with ASIAGRAPH certificates.

Purpose of Activities

In order to encourage school’s teachers to guide students to produce creative animation team Contributors Selection award-winning works will be displayed together with the outstanding creators of Asian countries.

School advisor with the students name will work with publicly display, became an international star!