Manuscript theme
Theme & Style is not limited, but there is violation of the social order, good morals and the law prohibits behavior rendering.

Mainly software
iClone or CrazyTalkAnimator as the main software merger appraisal of 2D and 3D works.

Length of work time

15 seconds or more within five minutes of animated films. More than the length of time the works will be automatically shortened.

Author Name
10 words or less.

70 words or less.

300 words or less.  The premise of public display of works of content, production process or the actual results have been published (mention the year to please the west of the calendar).

Animation submission files
Windows Media Player, Flash player, Quick Time Player to play the main file recommended (but not limited to) the other formats as MP4, AVI, FLA, SWF. Image quality recommendation DVD quality (480i, 720 *480) more to HD quality (1080p 1920 *1080)


Original animation works produced after 2012, must also be published for the first time in an open contest or exhibition.
Once winning in other contests, public display of the display of a work, or Internet audio and video sharing sites (such as YouTube, Tudou 土豆網) public showing of works shall not participate in the open Contributors before the period.

Participants must have the nationality status of the Asian countries in the region, and is limited to the national education sector is currently studying at a recognized academic institution in the school students.

Contestants can be a person or group on behalf of participating school name must be marked with the name of the instructor.
A group of only up to the Contributors piece, but the instructor does not limit the number of guidance groups.

Entries may not be copied, plagiarized, and shall not infringe any third party intellectual property rights or other rights.

Scoring Criteria
* Directed by style 40%
* Story Ideas 40%
* Operating Skills 20%